Hanging Art in Your Home

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Hanging art in your home can make your home feel more welcoming and comfortable. People have been hanging art in their homes for centuries. Having artwork or the one-of-a-kind paintings Bellevue, WA artists are known for can make an empty room look complete. People hang pictures, paintings, and many other different forms of artwork on their walls. If you are looking for some new should be your first stop. There are some tips to remember when hanging artwork in your home.

Hanging Art at the Correct Height

The general rule of thumb when hanging art on the walls, is to hang it 57 inches up from the floor. This was determined to be the average eye-height of people. If there is a large piece of furniture, you will want to hang your art work approximately 6-12 inches from the top of the furniture. You don’t want your art to be “floating” above your furniture, so hanging it at this height will really benefit you.

Don’t Try to Match Everything so Closely

The colors that are already in the room and the colors in the pictures or paintings don’t have to match perfectly. Sometimes it looks better if you branch out and incorporate different shades and colors. You want the rooms in your home to have contrast and dimension.

Having Too Much Artwork

It can be difficult to narrow it down to your favorite pieces of art, but having too much hanging on your walls can be overwhelming and too crowded. Not every wall space needs to be covered. This makes for a nicer, calmer feel to a room.

Hang It Straight

No matter what you are hanging, make sure to hang it straight. You can use a level and a tape measurer to help you with this. You can use a laser level to check and see if your picture is level as you hang it. Having straight pictures makes the room look organized and put together.