I Live in the Valley

san fernando valley events

The phrase has a specific meaning to Los Angelinos, it says things to them which might be lost on the rest of us.

For us, The Valley means San Fernando Valley. It is an enclave to the north of the Los Angeles basin surrounded by hills or mountains. Its special geography gives the relatively small area its own Mediterranean Climate within a climate, and generally a temperature which is 10% warmer than the rest of LA because the effects of the ocean are limited by the hills.


There’s another well-known fact about the Valley, rents there are cheaper, by as much as 25%. You can either afford something a quarter bigger or just as small but a bit fancier. There are a whopping 1.75m people surrounded by those hills, so there’s always stuff happening. The san fernando valley events will guide you to everything you want to know and honestly, lots you don’t.’

Something for everyone

The name Burbank conjures up the movies (or the airport) and is home to Warner Brother’s studio if you want to get a fix on pop TV culture there’s your destination

You can worship at the feet of other gods at the Thai Temple and check out its fantastic Thai architecture too.

At the heart of the valley is Lake Balboa part with its elegant Japanese garden and walking paths and picnic spots.

If you’re into the Arts check out NoHo or North Hollywood arts community. This is an area of revitalization with restored theaters and an arts center which even calls itself NoHo. You have to love a colloquialism.

The truth is, you might never need to leave, the Valley has restaurants for your evenings, events for your weekends, and saves your dollars to spend there.